Xperix Realscan-FC
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Xperix Realscan-FC

RealScan-FC can be easily integrated with various applications, i.e. border control, prisoner documentation, employment control.


FBI IAFIS Appendix F & Appendix P Certification

RealScan-FC can be easily integrated with various applications, i.e. border control, prisoner documentation, employment control.

Thanks to ARIC RealScan-FC technology, it performs over 15 frames per second in registering a set of the PLCA roller, which ensures the highest image quality and low error level.

RealScan-FC is equipped with 400 MHz CPU, which allows quick processing, storage and image transfer.

RealScan -FC is resistant to moisture, dust and liquids - IP64, provides flawless action even in difficult conditions.


Fingerprint Types:
- Single Rolls
- single flats
- dual-finger flats
- four-finger slaps
- upper & lower palm-prints
- writer's palm-prints

Resolution: 500 dpi, 256 gray
Platen Size (W x L): 5.16”x 5.12”(131.2 x 130.2mm)

Image Size (W x L):
- Palm Prints : 2500 x 2500
- Four Finger Slap: 1600 x 1500
- Single Flats / Rolls: 800 x 750

Maximum Capture Area: 2500 x 2500
Image Quality Standards    FBI IQS Appendix F / Appendix P
Ingress Protection: IP64
Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ 50℃
Operating Humidity :From 10 to 90%, non-condensing
Dimension (W x L x H) :7.6”x 12.4”x 5.9”(193 x 315 x 150mm (156mm, Foot Rubber Inclusive))
Power Supply: 12VDC or USB Power
Weight: 5.26kg

Interface: USB 2.0 (data)
Operating Systems:
Windows : Windows 8 or higher 32/64bit
Linux : Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Cent OS 32/64bit
Android 5.0 or higher (Custom 4.0)

Accessory: Foot Switch (Optional)



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