Credence ID CredenceTWO

Credence ID is a biometric solutions company. They were the first to develop commercially successful multimodal biometric devices which they implemented on a large scale. The Credence ID team has extensive business and technical expertise in fingerprint, iris and facial recognition technologies. They have created custom biometric solutions for large-scale registration and authentication programs in the United States, India, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Pakistan.


Credence ID CredenceTWO
CredenceTWO™ is equipped with:
- integrated FAP 30 fingerprint reader with FBI PIV certificate,
- smart card reader,
- 5-inch HD display,
- Android 7.1 (Nougat),
- the award-winning Credence single board computer (SBC),
- 5 MP optical camera with dual LED lighting for reading barcodes and QR codes,
- sensor size 0.8" x 1.0"
- image size 720×1280

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