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Vista Imaging VistaEY2

A biometric iris and face imaging solution based on the proven ViCAM®III digital imaging engine


Vista Imaging VistaEY2
A biometric iris and face imaging solution based on the proven ViCAM®III digital imaging engine
ViCAM®III by Vista Imaging
Standard USB 2.0 interface
Aperture images conform to ISO / IEC 19794-6 at 22 "for aiming
Face images conform to ISO / IEC 19794-5 at 22 "for targeting
Integrated LiveEye Anti-Spoof face flash
Detection for the reliable detection of a live target
Tested using today's leading biometric algorithms
Multi-wavelength infrared lighting for brilliant iris images in almost any environment meets international eye protection requirements
Multi-position iris illumination allowing most target objects to be authenticated with glasses Intelligent distance sensing technology ensures accurate automatic acquisition when capturing the iris
Integrated cold mirror and RGB tricolor LED light ring provide easy user self-alignment feedback, allowing you to quickly capture the iris and face Integrated microphone and speaker provide 16-bit 16kHz audio input / output
Support Windows CE, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Linux
Fully functional, proven SDKs make integration into custom applications quick and easy
VistaEY2 comes with an integrated tripod mount
The small size VistaEY2 250mm by 95mm by 65mm at 13.5oz easily integrates into almost any application.

VistaEY2 by Vista Imaging is a complete multimodal biometric peripheral for Windows CE, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Linux OS platforms that captures images of the iris and face in the same gesture at the same distance.
VistaEY2 uses the latest Vista Imaging cutting edge digital imaging technology to provide you with an excellent biometric imaging solution.
VistaEY2's dual-aperture capture features include a top-of-the-line high-resolution CMOS sensor for ISO / IEC 19794-6 compliant images of both irises simultaneously, custom optics, multi-wavelength IR illumination, RGB tricolor LED indicators combined with our patented distance detection and accuracy Focus analysis provides unique automatic acquisition capabilities.
The VistaEY2 portrait mode face capture features include a 5MP CMOS (1920H x 2560V) image sensor with special optics for a clearer image, ensuring the highest quality of images compliant with ISO / IEC 19794-5 every time at the same distance as the aperture captures, ensuring One-stop iris and face capture function within milliseconds after each capture. VistaEY2 provides audio input and optional output for excellent audio I / O functions.

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