PolarID facial recognition system

Metalenz, the manufacturer of the Polar ID face recognition system that scans the face in full light polarization, uses ISOCELL Vizion 931 image sensors from Samsung Electronics for this purpose.
The use of polarization in face scanning provides additional data, i.e
geometry of facial surfaces and contours. The system can more accurately and securely identify and authenticate a face from a single image. This method increases security and reduces the risk of spoofing or deceiving the system using a photo or other face. The unique facial polarization signature adds an additional layer of data that is difficult to reproduce.

The ISOCELL Vizion 931 sensor offers VGA+ resolution and a quantum efficiency of 60 percent, which means it is highly sensitive to light. Advanced pixel technology captures light in the near-infrared spectrum, which is necessary to accurately detect the polarization state of light reflected from the face. High quantum efficiency means it can efficiently convert captured light into electrical signals, ensuring even subtle changes in polarization can be detected.

Polar ID is a more compact, cost-effective and high-resolution solution, making it a more attractive choice for integrating advanced biometric technology into consumer devices such as smartphones.

March 2024
Source: FindBiometrics