Keyless. Nothing to remember. Nothing to steal. You are the key.

Keyless is a company on a mission to create a safer and more private world. A world where you can authenticate seamlessly and securely with your face, without putting your biometric data at risk.

A keyless world created by privacy and security experts.

Keyless focuses on biometric privacy, using a unique combination of advanced cryptography and biometrics. It ensures that biometric data is never at risk of theft, loss or security breach.

Designed by cybersecurity and privacy experts, keyless authentication and identity management solutions are based on cutting-edge research in privacy-enhancing cryptography and biometrics.

Keyless facial detection technology uses a proprietary facial biometric solution to verify and uniquely identify the authenticating user. The facial biometrics process is based on years of research and includes viability checking, face detection and facial recognition.

The award-winning Passwordless MFA provides the highest level of independent user and device authentication with a single glance.

Advantages of the Keyless system

- Phishing resistant. MFA prevents account takeovers, SIM swapping and one-time password fraud.
- Simple selfie, two different authentication factors with one action
- PKI-based biometrics. Zero-Knowledge Biometrics™ technology means that biometric data is not stored anywhere.
- Stop ATO fraud with self-service account recovery.
- GDPR and PSD2-SCA compliance. Guaranteed compliance with data protection and payment regulations.

March 2024
Source: Keyless