Yoti secures websites for children.

The popular operator of the social networking application for children, Wizz, has implemented Yoti's biometric age verification system. Verification is mandatory for all users of the portal, without exception.

Security manufacturer Yoti is accredited to the UK's AVC Age Verification Compliance Certificate, which is part of the UK's efforts to make the internet safer for children. AVC is also a program to ensure that age verification providers maintain high standards of privacy and data security. Yoti became the first age verification company to be certified under the "AV Certificate" program in 2019.

The technology provided by Yoti involves the use of live facial scanning.

The tool allows Wizz to sort users by age, plus or minus one year, throughout their use of the platform. In addition, Wizz has introduced an additional layer of security for advertising, in-app educational content and warnings to increase young user safety.

February 2024
source: Yoti