Microsoft introduces selfie-based authentication.

Microsoft has announced a new selfie-based authentication feature in Entra Verified ID, designed to streamline digital identity verification. The add-on is intended to provide a more secure and reliable method of confirming your identity, just like in the case of physical documents.

Entra Verified ID is a digital identity verification service designed to provide a secure and user-friendly way to verify various aspects of an individual's identity online. The service is based on open standards, allowing organizations to have a wide range of credentials through a simple API. Organizations use Verified ID for a variety of purposes, including remotely onboarding new users, reducing fraud in self-service recovery processes, and enabling secure cross-enterprise collaboration.

Face Check, currently in preview, uses Azure AI services to compare a live selfie with the photo on your ID.

Microsoft has used facial authentication in several of its products, such as Windows Hello, which is available in Windows 10 and later, and select Surface devices with a camera. Windows Hello allows users to unlock devices, apps, online services and networks using facial recognition, providing a fast, secure and password-free way to log in.

February 2024
Source: Microsoft Security / FindBiometrics