Adaptive Recogniton Osmond - Passport reader and ID scanner


Adaptive Recognition Osmond

Advantages of the scanner:
Automatic document detection and scanning.
Friendly service for the end user.
Automatically reads and verifies passports, ID cards, driving licenses and other travel documents.
SDK with API documentation and sample code.
Ready-to-use test programs with GUI.
USB version for use with PC, standalone Ethernet version for other systems.
Used successfully in many systems around the world, including international airports, borders, banks and more.

We distinguish models:
Osmond L
Osmond R
Osmond N

Basic parameters:

Model L:
Full-page scanning (up to ID3/TD3 passport size)
White, infra-red and ultra-violet illumination
Adaptive light control
Automatic document detection, rotation & cropping
Visual Inspection Zone reading (VIZ)*
MRZ vs VIZ crosscheck*
Advanced optical document authentication*

Model R
includes all Model L parameters plus:
Built-in RFID module (contactless)
Automatic face photo comparison (printed vs chip)
Automatic MRZ comparision (printed vs chip)

Model N
includes all parameters of Model L and R plus
WS/WSS, FTP/FTPS, SFTP, SMB, SMTP, WebDav (upload)

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