Integrated Biometrics Slapshot - Software that turns your smartphone into a biometric device.

Integrated Biometrics Slapshot

Current scanners available, for example, in our smartphones, are changing at a dizzying pace in terms of identification methods on a global scale. Advanced software used to take high-resolution photos has changed the rules of the game. Integrated Biometrics is driving the development and distribution of this technology, which expands customers' ability to verify identity in the field via smartphone and match legacy databases.

How does breakthrough software work?
Take your smartphone, install the Slapshot software and take high-quality, 500 ppi reproducible finger photos. The program supports 4-4-2 fingerprint capture, facial recognition and metadata using state-of-the-art matching algorithms.

Integrated Biometrics Slapshot

Device requirements
Works on modern smartphones with the system
- Android and iOS
- Android 10 or newer
- iPhone 8 and newer 4 GB RAM or more
- 8MP rear camera (minimum)
- Minimal API support
- Camera 2 communicates via a website, e-mail or MMS

SDK components
The available JAVA APIs for integration with SDK applications consist of 4 SDK modules:
- Module 1: Biometric Capture API
- Module 2: Query/Database Management API
- Module 3: Settings API
- Module 4: Device calibration API

Capture API allows you to configure fingerprint and facial selfie capture from within the app. Then the interface guides us through the process of taking photos in the desired order, e.g. 4 fingers of the left hand, 4 fingers of the right hand, left thumb, right thumb, face. The order in which fingerprint capture is performed can be individually configured as needed (selfie/administration, capture review enabled/disabled, QA restrictions, and more). The data returned can be images or biometrics embedded in the EBTS file.

The Matching API makes it easy to send images to technologies that match different biometric data. Developers can customize processes based on supported technologies to perform multimodal queries or 1:1 remote verification from a centralized biometric database.

Source: Integrated Biometrics