IB Integrated Biometrics

IB Integrated Biometrics

Integrated Biometrics is a constantly growing international provider of biometric solutions. It has some of the world's best advanced software SDKs for high-resolution contactless identification and FBI-certified fingerprint sensors for law enforcement, military operations, homeland security, identity, election validation, social services and commercial applications.
Their scanners use a patented LES (light-emitting sensor) film, providing best-in-class performance in terms of speed, size, weight, ease of use and durability in high-performance mobile solutions.
Partners and organizations in over 39 countries around the world rely on Integrated Biometrics technology to create innovative and highly accurate applications that help manage border security and establish and enforce customer identities in accordance with national and international standards around the world.

Integrated Biometrics scanners, thanks to the cooperation of many partners around the world, are part of a global ecosystem of services that improves the world and makes it safer. The technology used uses low energy consumption and the durability of the devices makes them more mobile. In over 60 countries, Integrated Biometrics and its partners have helped international organizations strengthen their position by dealing with fraud related to elections, financial services, health care and social services.

Integrated Biometrics is committed to and supports projects that impact the lives of those who need greater access to services, including the undernourished, underfunded and disenfranchised.

Thanks to cooperation with a global network of partners, Integrated Biometrics provides advanced identity solutions for many industries. Their integrators deliver lightweight, fast and easy-to-use solutions with enhanced anti-spoofing protection for audiences in areas such as homeland security, border patrol, law enforcement, background checks, military and defense, social services, national identification programs, national elections and other applications government and commercial where proof of identity is required.

Here are some Integrated Biometrics Partners:

Akiyama, BKC Bancomzvjazok, BPI, Best regards BioRugged, Coppernic, Credence ID, Data Works Plus, Ekemp, Gen2Wave, Grabba, Huma Intech, HYF Biometric Solutions, ID Secure, IRIS ID, JAS Technologies, Laxton Group, Chameleon (Laxton Group) , Naex, NEC, Northrop Grumman, SafyID Biometric Terminals, Secom, S.I.C Biometric Solutions, Smartocore, TazTag, Telpo, Touche, Two Technologies, Inc., Wireless Marketer, Xator Corporation.

Integrated Biometrics products:

- Slapshot SDK
Contactless Identification SDK
- Kojak scanner
FAP 60, FBI Appendix F Certified, 10-Print Roll Scanner
- Five-0 Scanner
FAP 50, FBI Appendix F Certified, 10-Print Roll Scanner
- Sherlock scanner
FAP 45, PIV, FBI Appendix F Certified, Two-Finger Roll Scanner
- Watson scanner
FAP 45, PIV, FBI Appendix F Certified, Two-Finger Roll Scanner
- Columbo Scanner
FAP 30, PIV, FBI-Certified, Single-Print Scanner
- Danno Scanner
FAP 30, PIV, FBI-Certified, Single-Finger Scanner

source: Integrated Biometrics